The eczema mailing list - an online support resource

About This Site

This website is to tell you about the Internet Eczema Mailing List, an email support set up over twenty years ago to help those affected by eczema to share information and advice.

The List

Read about the Internet Eczema Mailing list below. You can join by sending an email with a very short message explaining your interest in eczema.


Our list has been active since 1996.

We have discussed almost all aspects of eczema and ways of dealing with it. All posts have been archived. Members, and only members, can search the archives. The information in our archives can't be accessed through search engines.

As a list member, you'll be free to discuss any eczema-related topic with hundreds of other eczema searchers around the world. Your e-mailed post will be forwarded to all of them. It's rare that a request for information or support goes unanswered.

We keep our list free of spammers, advertisers, and commercial interests.  If you're interested in our group because you'd like more information or support for an eczema problem, we welcome you.  We're sure we can help.  Those with a professional but non-commercial interest in eczema are welcome too.  It won't cost you anything. Click the email link to join.

You can join by sending an email giving your name and a very short explanation about your interest in eczema.

Eczema Information

Information on our discussion list or in our archives is not meant to replace advice from a qualified medical professional.

If you are affected by eczema it's a very good idea to join the National Eczema Society in the UK or the National Eczema Association in the USA